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Welcome to the San Diego
Developmental Academy!

2017 Seeding

Presidio SDDA

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Presidio Cup Information and Dates


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5th Annual SDDA Showcase Information

Presidio Soccer League welcomes you to the 5th Annual SDDA Showcase. The linkns below will provide you with all the information you need. See you there!

Game Day Info - Scoring, Game Time and Game Fees

SDDA Showcase Game Schedules

Register Here for Coaches Talk - 10:00 am

Register Here for Coaches Talk - 02:00 pm

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2016 SDDA Boys Standings

2016 SDDA Girls Standings

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2016 Play Dates
Nov 12 B/G 2002-2005
Polo Fields
Nov 13 B/G 1997-2001
Polo Fields
Nov 19
Nov 20
B/G 2008 - 2006
Nov 19
Nov 20
B2005 Blue TBD
B2004 Blue TBD
B2002 Blue TBD
B2001 Blue TBD
Note For all Showcase games
teams will only play
games on a single day
No Showcase B 1997-1999 Flight 2




Cal South FIFA

Welcome to the home of the San Diego Developmental Academy

The San Diego Developmental Academy (SDDA) concept was founded on the dedication and hard work of some of San Diego's leading coaching directors.

Recognizing that while the success of San Diego's competitive soccer programs were of excellent quality, there were still some missing components that would help develop and advance the serious player to compete amongst the best that Southern California had to offer.

The concept was shared and discussed amongst other coaching directors.  The enthusiasm amongst them quickly grew to where regular meetings were held.  It was unanimously agreed that every idea, every plan, every action lead to "Long Term Athlete Development".

The initial group of qualified directors quickly grew and program structure began to develop to what we are now proud to call the "San Diego Developmental Academy".

Here are a few of the basic goals of the SDDA:

  1. Shift the mindset of younger players and parents towards development, instead of simply winning
  2. Manage conditions to promote overall development in the SDDA
  3. Focus on Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  4. Spend more time on the field than in the car




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